Embrace Headless Commerce with our Replatforming Checklist

Build the business case to finally move on from your monolith.

IBM ending support for WebSphere Commerce 7.0 as of April 2020 is a glimpse into the future for monolithic commerce systems: they are rapidly losing their value as we look into the future of commerce. As consumer’s expectations of the customer experience rise, organizations need to optimize new technologies and touchpoints, something legacy applications just can’t do.

This is why a new breed of commerce technology has taken hold. Headless commerce gives organizations the ability to unify selling across brands, business units, channels, and geographies paired with the agility to make any customer touchpoint shoppable, all from a single unified commerce platform. The time to replatform is now.

Our Replatforming Checklist will not only help build your business case for an upcoming replatforming project but will offer a playbook of sorts, an overview of how your headless ecommerce integration should look and a guide for successfully moving from a monolithic platform to a headless solution with minimal disruption to the pace of your business.


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With IBM no longer supporting WebSphere Commerce 7.0 starting in April 2020, your time to reevaluate and seek platform alternatives is now.