Elastic Path vs Hybris™

When it comes to commerce technology, Elastic Path’s experience-driven commerce platform wins out over Hybris. Every time.

Elastic Path offers the industry’s most flexible solution for Fortune 500 companies seeking to create unparalleled customer experiences that drive revenue. No other solution can match Elastic Path’s extreme flexibility and relentless focus on experience-driven commerce.

Built for the Age of the Consumer

Customer experience has emerged as a key priority for many organizations. The emphasis on CX coincides with rising consumer expectations, which has led brands to focus on customer satisfaction at every touchpoint throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud brings together the worlds of commerce, customer experience, content marketing, mobile and social. Designed in close consultation with Adobe, Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud allows marketers to delight customers by delivering engaging experiences that drive higher revenue.

Hybris does not integrate well into Adobe Marketing Cloud. According to partners, Hybris’ “connect” technology is very difficult to work with and lacks API best-practices. This severely limits their depth of integration with Adobe Experience Manager, resulting in customer experiences that “could have been”.

Hybris also competes in several areas with Adobe, offering overlapping CMS functionality and a marketing suite. This makes Hybris’ need to integrate well with Adobe less urgent to the detriment of Adobe users.

Best-of-Breed Platform

Smart companies are transitioning away from the “Big 3” commercial commerce solutions. Instead, industry research shows that today’s customer-obsessed brands are building next-generation platforms utilizing a best-of-breed approach.

These innovation leaders prefer a best-of-breed approach because it allows them to innovate at a more agile pace that their incumbent technology suppliers have historically been able to achieve.

Hybris is a single-vendor platform. The Hybris / SAP approach is to advocate for one vendor for all core operations. However, rampant merger activity in the industry over the past 5 years has left these so-called integrated solutions a lot less integrated than the vendors make them appear.

Elastic Path is designed to thrive in multi-vendor IT environments, many of which follow a well-known “pace-layered” application strategy to prepare for future innovation and gain strategic advantage.

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Software Designed to be Open and Flexible


Flexibility is a powerful catalyst for organizations that need to bridge the gulf between business users seeking rapid innovation and IT groups that need to maintain security, scalability, and performance.

Elastic Path has long attracted a cult following among IT professionals who love our Extreme FlexibilityTM. We make extensive use of trusted open source projects, allowing our customers to deploy scalable, secure, and robust applications that are unique to each environment.

Hybris also makes use of some open source projects, such as Spring and SOLR/Lucene. However, digging deeper reveals that their persistence layer is fully proprietary. This closed approach won’t work for everybody.

Flexibility means more than just showcase logos. It’s in the DNA of a platform.

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