Elastic Path and Namics

A partnership that delivers superior experiences and increased revenue

Namics has been a trusted partner of Elastic Path since 2014. Elastic Path’s flexible commerce platform was built specifically to power the next generation of commerce experiences. Paired with Namics' extensive expertise in enterprise implementations and commerce strategy, Elastic Path and Namics are the ideal team to help digitally transform your business.

Elastic Path’s flagship product is Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud, a world-class solution for integrating ecommerce with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). It’s a revolutionary product designed specifically to enhance and add value to your Adobe Marketing Cloud investment.

Elastic Path Commerce's capabilities include:
  • Omni-channel commerce: Because all Elastic Path capabilities are supplied as flexible, high-performance APIs, they are ready to deliver consistent, real-time transactional data to every one of your customer channels — from the largest digital billboards and kiosks to the tiniest wearables like the Apple Watch.
  • Live Authoring: Elastic Path Live Authoring components bring real-time transactional elements right into your content or experience management software.
  • Personalized Merchandising: Elastic Path Commerce lets marketers extend personalization beyond content into the realm of product discovery, merchandising, and promotions — with a powerful rules-based engine that works with your digital experience software to serve up the right offer, to the right person, at the right time.
  • Built for Adobe: Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud was designed from the ground up to complement Adobe Marketing Cloud. Ecommerce systems from other vendors have limited or complicated Adobe integrations.
  • Extended Commerce Solutions: Elastic Path offers a range of solutions from trusted partners that go beyond the basics to give you specific best-of-breed capabilities that are engineered to work seamlessly. These include:
    • Subscriptions
    • Managed hosting
    • PIM
    • OMS

Namics holistically supports its clients with strategy development, conceptual and visual design, operations, Adobe integration, and brand marketing expertise. By working with Namics and Elastic Path, you can create the perfect shopping experience for your customers. Contact us today to get started.