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We provide world-class ecommerce support

From day one after implementing Elastic Path Commerce, our Product Support Team works tirelessly to ensure that you have the world-class ecommerce support that you expect. We work together with our customers to design a support and training package that will ensure success.

Whether it's ecommerce training for your in-house Java developers, helping you customize code, or teaching your marketing managers how to use the powerful Elastic Path dynamic pricing engine, we have the resources you need to build a rock-solid ecommerce platform.

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We provide world-class ecommerce support

Premium Ecommerce Support

Elastic Path offers Enterprise grade support to keep your business running and ensure your success.

Customer Support
Support via customer portal
Live online chat
Live phone support
Regular support during business hours 9-5 GMT and Pacific time
24x7 support worldwide on severity 1 issues
Multi-version code and patch repository
Unlimited cases
Quality Assurance
Bug fixing patches (base code)
Stored case history
3 years end of life support
Account Services
Named Account Manager
Regular Account Check-ins
Product Management Feedback Channels
Online documentation
Developer community portal
Online education
Accelerator kits

Support Contacts

For existing customers, visit the Customer Portal ( to open a support ticket or contact us at:

  • North America: +1-888-543-4372
  • Worldwide: +1-604-629-3468

Product Education

We want to ensure that our customers have the best chance of success with their digital commerce solution, and ecommerce training is a critical factor in that success. We offer a variety of role-specific training tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Ecommerce training for Java developers
Developer Training

This five-day program is ideally suited for in-house Java developers who want to extend and customize the Elastic Path platform. The program blends theory with practical hands-on activities using the Elastic Path code base. IT teams will benefit from directly sharing the knowledge and experience of our seasoned developers.

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Ecommerce training for enterprise teams
Business User Training

Our three-day business user ecommerce training provides enterprise teams with role-based system user knowledge for administrators, warehouse managers, store managers, marketing specialists, customer service representatives, and more.

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Flexible options for ecommerce training worldwide
Training Locations

Training options are as flexible as our digital commerce platform. We offer training facilities at the Elastic Path office in Vancouver, Canada or Reading, UK.

We can also deliver any of our ecommerce training programs directly to your team onsite at your location anywhere in the world.

Customized ecommerce support and training
Customized Training

Our training team can customize a program tailored to your specific needs. Custom services include project team training, advanced developer training, QA and performance testing, and agile development.