Change is coming. How can you ensure your commerce offerings are future proof?

It starts by not only embracing emerging technologies — such as voice commerce, AR, VR, AI technology and the Internet of Things — but also learning how to leverage a headless approach to content management.

The good news is that implementing new channels doesn’t require the massive tech investment you may think it does. Our upcoming “Headless Commerce with Drupal is more, not less” webinar will show you how to use tools you already have for modern commerce success.

Join Elastic Path’s Brian Gilmore and Jack Boitani and our special guest, TA Digital’s Joe Brannon, at our upcoming webinar to learn how you can use Elastic Path’s powerful technology within Drupal’s content management system to power engaging commerce experiences.

The digital transformation within modern commerce shows no sign of stopping. Embark on the future of commerce today and ensure your brand is ready for the changes ahead.

Headless Commerce with Drupal is more, not less
3:00pm EST (12:00pm PST)
Thursday, November 29

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