Free Tool for Assessing Ecommerce Maturity
The Advanced Commerce Maturity Scale

What's your brand's commerce personality?

The Advanced Commerce Maturity Scale™ is a new way to measure the ability of your company to deliver omnichannel, experience-driven commerce. This free tool highlights areas of your business that constrain your ability to succeed, and provides visual results to help you fully understand your level of digital maturity relative to the current standard of excellence.

Completing the ecommerce assessment takes 20-30 minutes, and requires that you rate several attributes of your company. These scores will determine which one of 16 distinct maturity profiles your business belongs to – a new and more personalized way of thinking about digital commerce that is more effective than simply following generic "best practices".

The assessment is designed for large and mid-sized enterprises that currently generate more than US$20M in annual revenue from websites, mobile apps, and other digital experiences.

What's your brand's commerce personality?


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