Conversational Commerce: Chatbots & the Future of Shopping

Elastic Path for Chatbots

According to Opus Research, 47% of consumers would buy items from a chatbot.

Chatbot in Action

Learn from a real-life example of how chatbots enable self-service customer experience. T-Mobile was able to spin up a full conversational commerce experience through a natural language Facebook chatbot in just two weeks.

Selecting the Right Chatbot

The chatbot ecosystem can be overwhelming due to a number of solutions and technologies. Take a look at a comprehensive guide on how to select the right chatbot for your business.

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Headless Selecting Chatbot Solutions Page Ping Pong Image

Reference Experience for Chatbots

Elastic Path provides you with a Reference Experience for chatbots to help you leverage conversational commerce for your business. This is an out-of-the-box, open-source implementation of Amazon Lex and Facebook chatbots as well as a set of best practices for implementing your preferred chatbot.

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