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Composable Commerce

Composable commerce is an approach that empowers business and tech teams with the agility and speed to innovate by using API-first best of breed technologies to meet their unique business needs.


What is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce involves selecting API-first, best-of-breed commerce components, and then composing them into a cohesive solution that meets unique business needs.

Composable commerce unlocks extraordinary shopping experiences and delivers speed and flexibility to commerce teams. Unlike monolithic commerce solutions, composable commerce uses various vendors to fuel a commerce solution. This way, you aren't constrained by the out-of-the-box functionalities of a commerce platform.

Composable commerce is distinct from headless commerce, as headless means decoupling the frontend presentation layer from the backend commerce engine layer. Composable commerce expands on headless technology, as the frontend and backend are decoupled and brands access a fully modular approach to solving business problems and arranging a tech stack.

The State of Composable Commerce

92% of surveyed retail executives say they have implemented a composable solution. Have you?

Discover how leading brands are leveraging the approach today, the challenges they're facing, and more.

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Taking a monolithic approach limits your flexibility and ability to be agile and refine as you go. It’s a more arduous tech stack. Taking a composable commerce approach with Elastic Path allows us to tap into legacy systems with ease but also have the flexibility to integrate with other best-in-class software as our business evolves.

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Launch Quickly With Our Composable Commerce Accelerator

Our Pre-Integrated Store is a turn-key online store pre-loaded with our family of modular, composable products, two frontend options, and pre-built integrations with industry-leading vendors.

Composable Commerce Architecture

Get an overview of an API-first, composable commerce architecture and see how Elastic Path is delivering on the promise of composability through an accessible architecture for any brand.

There’s no way any of us know how commerce technology will look five years from now, but having a flexible, composable commerce core will make it easier to adjust when we need to.

Jeff Neil VP, Software Engineering

Composable Commerce Doesn't Have to Mean Replatforming. Explore the Unplatform™.

Built on the foundations of composable commerce, the Unplatform is a flexible approach that empowers teams to solve business challenges, one at a time - no painful replatform required.

Composable Commerce FAQs

Composable Commerce Experience Assurance

Rely on one provider for support across your multi-vendor solution and always remain confident in your system.

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