Composable Commerce: Flexible Commerce Technology

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What Do Flexible Technologies mean for Composable Commerce?


Composable Commerce solutions, unlike a single-core, full-stack commerce platforms, consist of a portfolio of smaller applications which may come from multiple vendors, but play nicely together through APIs and the orchestration layer that supports them.

The future is flexible. Composable commerce embraces modern architectural patterns for both the back end (MACH) and front end (JAMstack).




The MACH Advantage




Modular by nature, microservices allow you to compose your ideal commerce solution, or add capabilities to your legacy system through robust and well-defined APIs.


Robust, well-designed and mature APIs are flexible enough to support a variety of touchpoints and use cases, but not so granular that they’re overly complex or come with a steep learning curve.


Composable commerce-as-a-service provides on-demand consumption. No need to deploy your own solution, you can subscribe or unsubscribe to components as you wish. Cloud-nativity ensures limitless scalability and resilience, and enhanced security. An attacker can’t take down your entire system by gaining access to a single component.


Headless means a component ships without a front end, enabling interoperability between components and compatibility with any front-end or touchpoint. Headless is not just for commerce --consider headless content, payments and search applications to go “fullMACH.”

The JAMstack Advantage

JAMstack stands for Javascript, APIs and Markup. The “JAM” works together to support lightning-fast performance and optimal user experience within modern storefronts (built with frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular or Gatsby).Markup (static HTML files and templates) are cached and pre-rendered in a user’s browser from a CDN, while dynamic components like price, promotions, inventory availability, average star rating and personalized content is injected by Javascript. APIs pull relevant data from back end services.

The Benefits of Flexible Commerce Technology

For many eCommerce applications, “going headless” is the first baby step towards a flexible architecture. Learn more about the benefits of adopting flexible commerce technology that make up Composable Commerce

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