How we hire

If you are looking for an opportunity to join a remarkable team, consider EP where we will support you to grow and
to be better than you were yesterday.



Get noticed

Take a look at our Current Opportunities to find your match. We also have a
General Application. Use the Job Alerts to monitor future opportunities.

Please ensure you align your relevant experience and skills with the job description.
We're interested in hearing about any leadership roles you may have had. If you're
a new graduate with limited experience, then please mention school projects that
illustrate your relevant skills and knowledge. Let us know how you can contribute to
making Elastic Path a great place to work.

How we review

Our recruiters will review your online application and your resume. If our recruiters feel that you are a good match for the position, the next step is to schedule a phone call. Please bring your questions as this is your chance to learn more about the role and the company. After the initial phone call with a recruiter, candidates move to the interview phase of the hiring process. You can check on an application that you've submitted.

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Interview follow-up

The Elastic Path recruiter will follow-up with successful candidates with an offer.
For everyone else, we promise to contact you and let you know our decision.
We appreciate the effort that you committed to this process.

We involve multiple interviewers in the process, so that we can gather multiple
perspectives and feedback. We strive to make the hiring committee
diverse and welcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Elastic Path ask brainteasers in job interviews?

No. We ask structured interview questions. Software development positions
include problem solving questions that are relevant to everyday work.

Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Yes, you can apply for multiple jobs, though we recommend narrowing your
choices to the job that truly matches your skills, experience, and interests.

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