Commercetools vs Elastic Path

Create Unique Commerce Experiences without the Complexity & Risk.

This page details the differences between Elastic Path & Commercetools. Choosing the right eCommerce platform is critical. We are committed to providing you with the best information.

Our approach to differentiated, digital commerce brings together the power and control of DIY, the simplicity of Shopify, and enterprise scale. Elastic Path provides composable, API-first, headless commerce solutions that are easy to launch and can be continuously optimized.


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Comparison Overview

When we simply look at a side by side comparison of a service offering from Elastic Path vs Commercetools, they both offer similar commerce SaaS.  However, the details of each of these services are crucial to understanding the best solution for your business. Elastic Path will help you evaluate the Commercetools architecture, API and other differences between the two companies to help you achieve your unique business goals. This analysis does not cover a comparison of commerce features, because the importance of each feature will depend on customer business requirements and will differ from commerce initiative to commerce initiative.


Both Elastic Path and Commercetools provide headless, microservices-based SaaS commerce service suitable for enterprises of different sizes serving virtually any vertical. Commercetools provides a platform with organizations that value out-of-the-box commerce capabilities more than the ability to customize the solution according to their business needs quickly. Elastic Path is suitable for organizations that put technical agility above all, to be able to bring unique experiences and new business models to market as quickly as possible.

Elastic Path delivers superior technical agility with a unique combination of core commerce capabilities and holistic developer experience:

  • Clean, simple system and API design which provides a fast learning curve for developers allowing them to deploy and extend commerce service rapidly to accommodate new business requirements.
  • A powerful extensibility framework allows developers to quickly enhance platform capabilities, adapt front-end experiences, and configure standard commerce capabilities.
  • Comprehensive education program following industry best practices on delivery, format, and process to provide developers with all the necessary knowledge in the most efficient way.
  • A solid ecosystem of partners backed up by a partner engagement program to ensure that highly experienced delivery resources are available to support your commerce initiatives for you at all times.
  • Governance & continuous improvement across product, education, support, and operations to ensure future-proof and consistent delivery of commerce service.

With Elastic Path Commerce Cloud your organization will be able to deliver unique commerce experiences at unprecedented speeds.