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Stance is an American sock, underwear and t-shirt brand focused on their in-store purchases. They recognized the need to eliminate lines and wanted to solve that issue by providing a self-checkout experience. However, with the stigma surrounding downloading apps for shopping, Stance wanted to allow guests to skip the line and check out, using a web-based checkout experience on their own smartphone.

Their existing infrastructure lived on a monolithic platform and adding this new user experience wasn’t going to be possible. They also didn’t want to start over from scratch with a new platform, just to launch a new experience that could take months.

With the modular architecture provided by Composable Commerce, services can be independently deployed. When Stance approached the problem with Elastic Path, there was no need for hard coding in the back end. With a team of 2 developers and a few API calls, Stance was able to launch their web-based self-checkout system just in time for the holiday season. What would have taken them 9+months with a legacy platform, took 7 weeks to launch with Composable Commerce.










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Composable Commerce is the modern approach by which eCommerce teams are empowered to select and assemble various “best of breed” commerce solutions and compose them to satisfy their exact business requirements.

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