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Playback Now Inc. is a US-based company that provides recordings for top-quality conferences and associations throughout the US. Elastic Path partnered with Playback Now to support them in a re-platform and to centralize all of their data for reporting on all of their various clients, subscription customers, and their own accounting departments.


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What is Composable Commerce?

Composable Commerce is the modern approach by which eCommerce teams are empowered to select and assemble various “best of breed” commerce solutions and compose them to satisfy their exact business requirements.

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Composable Commerce must be adopted for the future of applications

Join industry experts, featured speaker Mike Lowndes, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner and Sal Visca, CTO at Elastic Path, as they talk about the concepts behind Composable Commerce and how you can leverage the approach to build a commerce strategy.

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Composable Commerce Miniseries

Learn how to take back control of your digital commerce strategy in this 10-part miniseries which introduces a new approach advocated by Gartner for how to build modern commerce experiences, called Composable Commerce.

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