The Interview Process

The interviewing process varies slightly by department, role and experience level. We've explained the differences so that nothing comes as a surprise. We involve multiple interviewers in the process, so that we can gather perspectives and feedback. We strive to make the hiring committee diverse and welcoming.

For Developers

Phone Interview
  • A self assessment might be given before the phone interview. We use it to understand your skills and tailor our interview questions to your areas of strength.

  • There may be more than one phone interview with different people in the screening process.

  • You’ll likely be talking to your hiring manager or a peer that works in a similar role.

Onsite Interview
  • We aim for a single onsite visit out of respect for your time. The visit is two hours on average and up-to three hours. The sessions involve problem solving questions where you get a chance to collaborate on a task with your future peers.

  • We also ask standard interview questions to get a sense why you want the job and discuss your past contributions.

  • The interviewers will consist of your peers in a similar role, a hiring manager and/or director.

Homework Assignments
  • We use role-specific homework assignments. The task represents a real-world activity for that position. For example, a Software Developer role might be asked to refactor some code.

  • Software Developers in Professional Services, Reliability Engineers and Solution Consultants have assignments.

  • Solution Architects have two such assignments and discuss their solution at the onsite interview.

  • The assignments take one-hour and are sent over email. We are flexible with scheduling so it can be done at a time that is convenient to you.