September 1st, 2006 | 1 MIN READ

What is the Longtail?

Written by Jason Billingsley

Sometimes I get a brief epiphany or visual that makes a concept very clear to me - I had one of those last night that I think explains the advantage of targetting the longtail vs the mass.

The concept of longtail is "selling less, of more"…okay, got it.

Imagine - if you had the choice to attempt to grow one or two VERY large flowers or grow a field of thousands of very small flowers.

What do you think is more viable for you?

The large flower option introduces lots of risk. If just one of them doesn't bloom, you suffer a material loss of revenue. The skill, care, nurturing and such to actually grow it to become so resource intensive it is prohibitive for many.

The field is a much more accessible option is it not? Once you have mastered growing one small flower, it is much easier to roll that out and grow more and more and more…and more and more. It's okay if lots of them don't bloom, or aren't the right color. You're diversified.

The next time you are trying to explain the longtail, stop and smell the roses.

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