The Rise of Wearable Tech [Infographic]

Linda Bustos

November 6th, 2020

Keeping with the theme of wearable devices, this week's infographic comes from Webtise and Vision2You (yes, an online retailer, using #13 of our 13 content marketing strategies for ecommerce).


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  • An estimated 8 mill. Brits already wear some form of wearable tech Tweet this
  • 39% of Brits intend to use wearable tech when it becomes more widely available Tweet this
  • 82% of wearable tech users in America and 71% in Britain believe it’s enhanced their lives Tweet this
  • 41% of Brit and US wearable tech users feel more intelligent with it Tweet this
  • 61% of Brit and US wearable tech users feel more informed by wearing it Tweet this
  • 37% of wearable tech owners believe it’s helped their careers develop Tweet this
  • 61% of wearable tech users claim it’s improved their personal efficiency Tweet this
  • 13% of wearable tech users never remove their devices Tweet this
  • 27% of UK wearable tech owners say it’s enhanced their love lives Tweet this

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Linda Bustos

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