February 14th, 2013 | 1 MIN READ

The Internet Ten Years Later [Infographic]

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

While 2012 is getting farther and farther behind us, 2002 is way gone. How has the Internet evolved in the last 10 years? This animaged infographic (view it on Mashable to see the moving parts full-size).

What stands out from an ecommerce perspective is how digital disruption took down some of the biggest brands. Blockbuster didn't see the need to offer digital content and subscriptions and got blindsided by Netflix (though Netflix has not reached the revenue heights Blockbuster enjoyed 10 years ago). Borders piggybacked off Amazon as long as it could, investing in its brick and mortar stores including physical product when the rest of the industry was embracing digital, including branded e-reader hardware. Tower Records lost out to digital downloads and big boxes like Best Buy and Walmart using loss-leader pricing for CDs and DVDs.


  • Internet users grew from 569M to 2.27B from '02 to '12 Tweet this
  • Daily Internet usage increased from 46 min/day in '02 to 4 hrs/day in '12 Tweet this
  • The number of websites exploded from 3Mill in '02 to 555Mill in '12 Tweet this
  • Internet Explorer's 95% market share in '02 slipped to 39% in '12 Tweet this
  • In 2002, it took an avg of 12.5 min to download a song on a 56K modem, it took 18s in 2012 Tweet this
  • Avg page load speed in 2002 was 16s, in 2012, it shrunk to 6s Tweet this

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