September 18th, 2007 | 1 MIN READ

Social Media Marketing Guide - Step 3: Promoting

Written by Jason Billingsley

This post is part three our Social Media Guide, a companion post to our presentation "Self-evolving eCommerce: Using Consumer Generated Content for Fun and Profit" at the Annual Summit in Las Vegas.

The offense is running the play that was called and looking for a few key blocks.

1. Participate

  • Comment on blogs
  • Link to other bloggers and social media creators (Ego-capital)
  • Join blogging networks - MyBlogLog

2. Open Up

  • Open commenting
  • Don't pre-moderate
  • Use spam filters like Askimet or Spam Karma to weed out the "buy XYZ now" comments

3. Distribute

4. Sharing

  • Web 1.0: Email this to a friend
  • Web 2.0: Add bookmarking links like "add to Facebook" on Chapters

5. Seeding

  • Make friends with influencers (see point #1)
  • Mine Technorati
  • BuzzLogic (identifies sphere of influence for markets - starts at 12k/mo)
  • Submit to social sites (Digg, Reddit,, Stumbleupon, etc.)

6. Social Shopping

  • Roundup of social shopping sites

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