April 25th, 2007 | 2 MIN READ

Practical Ecommerce on Using Blogs to Boost Retail Sales

Written by Dave Olson

The fine ecommerce community / online and print magazine, Practical Ecommerce, published an article called "Selling with a blog - practical ecommerce">Selling With A Blog - Add value to your venture without a hard sell" today (4/26/07).

The article starts by breaking through some of the hype around blogging ("Heck, the blog has gained such widespread popularity that it's almost become passé in some circles ") and then seeks balance between writing for interest and writing to encourage sales.

The 'soft-touch' technique makes his Top 5 Tips list, ... {drumroll} ... in at #2 is, "Write about subjects related to your business, such as news and trends. Establish yourself as the expert in your field. As you do so, subtly link to pages within your website that showcase products and services."

Chiming in on that delicate fine-line is EP's VP Marketing, Jason Billingsley, (followed by fellow BC biz blogger Tris Hussey),

A notable byproduct of blogs is the way they provide websites with a ton of fresh, original content.

Jason Billingsley, vice president of marketing for ecommerce software company Elastic Path, says blogs also give businesses the opportunity to associate their websites with popular keywords related to products and services.

"We still keep it at arm's length," he said, referring to posts that could be considered too promotional.

Hussey noted, though, that blogs can still indirectly boost your business.  "People come to the blog to read interesting stuff," said Hussey, "but you are allowed to earn a living and still blog."

Read Ryan's whole article Selling With A Blog at Practical Ecommerce for tips and talking points on effectively using a blog to energize your online retail sales.

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