February 11th, 2008 | 2 MIN READ

Behaviour-Targeting and Personalization

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

Webinar ImageI sat in on a webinar today with Sitebrand’s Director of Customer Experience, Carolyn Gardner and eCommerce Business Analyst, John Choo titled: Love, Faith & Hope: Conversion Meets Customer Behavior.

I recently blogged about geo-IP targeting and its potential for ecommerce marketing. The post includes examples of how you could serve up different home pages or offers on your site based on a customer's location.

Today's webinar introduced me to another way you can tailor content to the individual - keyword-targeted content.

For example, Danskin's Title Tag reads like this: "Fitness, Dance and Yoga Apparel for Women and Girls." This means its home page could appear in search engine results for relevant keyword searches like "yoga apparel" or "dance apparel for girls" in addition to category or product pages. The landing page for the keyword could be the home page.

Wouldn't it be ideal to serve a home page design that's targeted to the keyword that referred the visit?

Keyword: "dance apparel for girls"

Girls Dancewear

It's also possible that the home page is the landing page for keywords that aren't in the title tag, thanks to on-site factors and anchor text in links pointing to the home page. Another type of referral would be a banner ad or text link on another site. If the visitor comes from a rythmic gymnastic studio's website, you could serve up the relevant image and offers.

Keyword: "plus-size yoga wear"

Plus Size Yoga Wear

Keyword: "rythmic gymnastics leotard"

Rythmic Gymnastics Wear

Carolyn used this case study in the webinar from a CableOrganizer.com, a Sitebrand client, as an example of what's possible.

Cable Organizer Example

This screenshot shows 3 different areas CableOrganizer is applying personalization. The orange area is a keyword targeted special offer, the green area is a geo-targeted shipping offer, and the red area is used for various calls to action like newsletter sign ups, contests or welcoming back a returning visitor.

CableOrganizer increased conversion rates by almost 10% using personalization.

Even blogs can get in on this personalization thing. Have you seen welcome messages when you visit a blog for the first time?

Jarkko Laine screenshot

Jarkko Laine Detail

There's a plug in for Wordpress, and probably other tools for other blog platforms (drop a comment please if you know of some).

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