April 10th, 2007 | 1 MIN READ

Is navigation/search available during checkout?

Written by Jason Billingsley

Chart: Is navigation/search available during checkout?

The debate whether to herd customers like cattle through a step-by-step checkout by removing all navigation and search options will remain. Overall, there was no clear growth or conversion winner between the two camps – to have or to hide. However, computer and electronics retailers who suppressed navigation during checkout had almost 2x the growth rate of those who made it available. Those selling high ticket price items also had a 60% higher growth rate where navigation was not made available. This suggests when selling items that are a highly considered purchase it may be better to reduce the avenues a shopper may use to re-consider the decision – put the blinders on and herd them through to order confirmation.

Overall, 57% of Top 100 online retailers choose to make search and navigation available during the checkout process.

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