How Millennials Shop [Infographic]

Linda Bustos

November 6th, 2020

This week's infographic hails from Adweek: Everything You Need to Know About Millennial Consumers.


  • Millennials make up 27% of the US population Tweet this
  • 30% of millennials use 4 or more devices per day Tweet this
  • Millennials check their smartphones 43 x/day on average Tweet this
  • 18% of millennials live at home and are financially dependent on their parents Tweet this
  • 68% of millennials are "completely unfazed by celebrity endorsements" Tweet this
  • 89% of millennials trust friend/family recommendations more than brand claims Tweet this
  • 59% of millennials make product recommendations, and 41% share them socially Tweet this
  • 93% of millennials usually read reviews prior to purchase Tweet this
  • Millennials prefer to browse the web on mobile devices (52% on smartphones, 61% on tablets) Tweet this
  • 71% of millennials browse online but complete the purchase offline Tweet this
  • 56% of millennials use social media at least once/month Tweet this
  • 90% of millennials use Facebook, 42% log on daily Tweet this
  • 25% of millennials update social media profiles at least once per day Tweet this
  • 66% of millennials follow brands on social media (60% for the coupons) Tweet this
  • 60% of millennials say customer experience should be consistent across online, store and mobile Tweet this

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Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.