September 18th, 2007 | 1 MIN READ

Social Media Marketing Guide - Step 4: P-measuring

Written by Jason Billingsley

This post is part four our Social Media Guide, a companion post to our presentation "Self-evolving eCommerce: Using Consumer Generated Content for Fun and Profit" at the Annual Summit in Las Vegas.

The referee indicates whether your play was a success or not. Sometimes it is a touchdown, sometimes just a field goal. Other times you will have dropped the ball.

1. Reach

  • Traditional metrics (views, time spent, bounce rate)

2. Influence

  • Trackbacks (people linking to post via blog)
  • Blogosphere or news mentions (use Google Alerts)
  • Technorati authority

3. Affinity

  • Number of subscribers (Feedburner)
  • Number of comments

4. Increases

  • Search engine position improvements
  • Referrals leading to sales

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