July 19th, 2007 | 3 MIN READ

Laptop Bags, PayPerClick and Landing Page Relevance

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

I was searching today for laptop bags in Google search, and I noticed two Google Adwords ads from online retailers I have shopped with in the past:

Laptop Bags

    • Order online, pick up in-store.
    • It's Convenient, Fast & Free!


Laptop Cases

    • Name Brand Laptops at Low Prices!
    • Toshiba, HP, Gateway, IBM & More


Please note the promises in the ads: FutureShop suggests I can order a laptop bag online, and pick it up in store (I should hope that it would also be free if I had to drive myself to the store!). TigerDirect screams Laptop Cases! Then switches its offer to various name brand laptops, which is it...laptop cases or just laptops?

This is what I found when I clicked through...

FutureShop's landing page:


I was taken to the laptop category! No bags, no cases, no totes, no carriers! At this point, I normally would have hit "back," but I'm blogging today, so I decided to try my luck with the search box and typed in "laptop bags" and, drumroll please...


No laptops? And you're the top result in sponsored search? I found it humorous that FutureShop invites me to try my search again (do you mean try a different search or the exact same one and cross my fingers?) and does not provide a search box to try again with! I hit the back button and tried one more time: "laptop cases." NOW I'm returned with 20 results. *Sigh.*

Now to TigerDirect. When I landed on a similar laptop cases category page, I was a bit less peeved because at least the ad gave me a hint to what I would land on. BUT what really makes me throw my hands in the air is that TigerDirect carries laptop bags and laptop cases! A site search on TigerDirect.ca for "laptop cases" delivered results:


As did a search for laptop bags:


Why the results are formatted differently, I don't know. But what makes my head spin is how such large etailers can have such sloppy pay-per-click campaigns. How the BASIC principles of pay-per-click optimization can go so ignored. How websites that may be paying over $2 per click in some cases can throw money away by sending searchers to an irrelevant page is irritating to me -- not as a user but as a search marketer myself.

BestBuy.ca is also guilty of the exact same thing as FutureShop. Wrong landing page, no results for "laptop bags" and a whack of results for "laptop cases." But kudos to Dell.ca for getting the whole thing right:

Laptop Bags

    • Buy Laptop Bags & Accessories at
    • Affordable Dell Prices. Shop Online


And you land on a page with exactly what you were promised, (although they're nowhere near as cool, chic and funky as Kate Trgovac's laptop bags Squidoo lens.)

Sloppy Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Cost Money

The advertiser loses money on every click for poorly organized campaigns. Pay-per-click can be like a dripping faucet, just one mistake in a campaign can end up costing thousands. If you don't select the proper landing page, you'll experience:

    • 1. Lower quality score (due to lower relevance of the landing page), thus higher average cost per click
  • 2. Higher bounce rate, lower conversions, paying for irrelevant clicks = less efficient campaign, lower ROI

If you're advertising with Adwords, make sure you do thorough quality assurance on your AdGroups, ad text and landing pages. Go into your Adwords campaign and click on your ads and ensure that:

    • 1. Your keywords are all placed in the appropriate AdGroup and that your AdGroups are tightly focused
    • 2. Your keywords match your ads
  • 3. Your ad offers match what is shown on your landing page

The extra time it takes to thoroughly check your campaign's accuracy will make a big difference. Make sure you're making the most of each click.

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