March 6th, 2014 | 1 MIN READ

How to Get More Facebook Likes [Infographic]

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

"We have enough Facebook likes" -- said no marketer ever.

KISSmetrics has compiled some stats that show what the data reveals about what gets the most Like love on the world's biggest social network (via SmartInsights).

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Keep in mind -- this data is "averaged" and dates back to 2011. Social habits may have since changed. Rather than rely on these numbers as absolutes and these tips as "best practices," use each tip as a testing point. Measure for yourself the differential between photos vs. text updates and text link shares, long vs. short character posts, questions, posting times and daily/weekly frequency.


  • Photos get +53% more Likes, +104% comments and +84% more clicks than text/link updates on Facebook Tweet this
  • Facebook posts less than 80 characters get 66% more engagement on Facebook Tweet this
  • "Question" posts get 100% more comments than non-question on Facebook Tweet this
  • Facebook activity peaks at 3pm Wednesday, with notable spikes 11am and 8pm Tweet this
  • Retail brands that post 1-2x/day on Facebook get +40% engagement than 3+/day Tweet this
  • Posting 1-4x/week on Facebook gets 71% more engagement than 5 or more x/week Tweet this

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