Branding from Email to Customer Service

Linda Bustos

November 6th, 2020

We don't do a lot of posts on branding on Get Elastic, but I had to blog about Seattle-based ski, snowboard and wakeboard shop evogear. evo is an example of a retailer that has taken its corporate culture and incorporated its personality into nearly every aspect of its marketing.

Exhibit A: Email Sender Name

Using square brackets, [] has differentiated itself. dELiA*s also has a unique approach.

Exhibit B: Email Creative

This Fourth of July email adds personality like Cheez Whiz. Hot Summer Days links to boards, shorts and bikinis, and Cool Summer Nights links to hoodies. "Warning: Lighting Fireworks in Your Hand is Never A Good Idea."

Exhibit C: Funny Home Pages

I already blogged about evo's Valentine's day home page, this is a more recent banner:

"You may be dumb but at least you'll look good."

Exhibit D: Product Descriptions

evo's product descriptions "are like, totally geared to the target market."

Exhibit E: Creative About Page and Employee Profiles

Mo Hawk is so cool because he is Asian and is in charge of "strategery."

Exhibit F: Customer Service

I had a chuckle on hold with customer service, when the pre-recorded voice assured me a representative would be with me shortly, but "feelfree to grab a brush and rock out to the mirror -- we won't tell."

Other outdoor gear retailer Moosejaw Mountaineering also uses humor, and boasts its products "ship wicked fast" and won't even hire a janitor that doesn't like to ride, shred or climb.

Have you experienced a company that incorporates its brand into every marketing touchpoint? Please share in the comments.

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