November 6th, 2007 | 2 MIN READ

Which Etail Blogs Have The Most Subscribers?

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

RSS iconNot long ago we posted a list of ecommerce blogs from 2006's Internet Retailer Top 500 List, with many blogs only days old! Well it's been a few months and we thought you might be interested in how many RSS subscribers (readers who sign up to read each post through a blog reading service like Google Reader, Bloglines or Netvibes). Because Google and Bloglines allow you to check out how many subscribers you have through their readers, I was curious to see what kind of following the ecommerce blogs have, and have reported my findings below.

If you're wondering how you can check out your own Google Reader and Bloglines stats, I've got a tutorial for you as well. Of course, you can always sign up for a Feedburner account (recommended) and get more information on which services your subscribers are using, but make sure you read "Stay Master of Your Feed Domain" first.

Top Etailer Blog Subscriber Leaderboard

According to current stats, here are your 10 (Sort Of)* Most Subscribed to Internet 500 Retailer blogs:

Powell’s Books (IAC/Interactive Corp.)
Hewlett Packard
Dell Inc.
National Hockey League
Urban Outfitters

*Limitations to this not-so-scientific study is that I've only measured the reported subscribers of two of the zillions of possible feed readers (though they're two of the most popular). Other factors in popularity include how many users signed up by email or how many faithfully visit the site through bookmarks or typing in directly. This list is for curiosity/entertainment purposes only!

How did I find these super-secret stats, you ask? Well they're really not a secret. It's easy to find your own or someone else's subscriber count like so:

Google Reader

1. Log into Google Reader (if you have a Gmail or Adwords account you should be good to go).

2. Click on Browse (or just click here).

3. Copy and paste the blog URL or feed link into this box:

Search and Browse Box

4. Voila!

Screenshot of Google Reader


Bloglines is easy to check. You don't even need your own account:

1. Go to Bloglines and paste a blog URL into the search box. Make sure you select "Search Feeds" from the dropdown menu.

Bloglines Dropdown Menu

2. And there you go:

Bloglines Search Result

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