January 3rd, 2008 | 2 MIN READ

Top 11 Ecommerce Un-Predictions for 2008

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

Fortune CookieThere has been no shortage of prediction lists popping up around the blogosphere, Small Business SEM has a great list of 2008 prediction posts here and there are others.

But here at Get Elastic, if we're not the first or only blog to do something, we'll still do it - but with a twist. So here are our twisted ecommerce predictions for 2008:

11. Anticipating a slow holiday season, retailers will begin promotions much earlier in 2008. Labor Day will be renamed "Cyber Monday."

10. Consumers are going to redeem $8 Billion worth of outstanding gift cards only to buy gift cards for other people.

9. We'll see a trend in "Vintage" web design - expect to see frames and textured backgrounds to make a huge comeback, with accessories like animated GIFs, hit counters and broken image icons in high demand.

8. Merchants are finally going to realize the importance of offering as many alternative payment options as possible. The most progressive sites will be adding the following payment options:

  • Linden Dollars
  • AceBucks
  • Magic Beans
  • IOU's
  • Good Karma

7. Ditching the "tombstone navigation" was so successful for Amazon, it's going to redesign the .com site again, this time to remove navigation all together. However, this will only apply to the .com site. The .ca, .co.uk, .de and all other countries will never be redesigned.

6. Apple will introduce the iPhone Nano, which fits snugly in your wallet's credit card pockets. It will not work in Canada.

5. Google will unveil its top-secret Labs project "Noodle" - a mind reading software that will finally put an end to ridiculous cross-sell suggestions based on past purchases for your nieces and nephews. Merchants participating in Facebook Beacon get first dibs.

4. Ebay's going to realize it's still bidding on "Back Hair for Less".

3. The Canadian dollar will not only exceed par, it's going to double. And I'm going to go NUTS at Ice.com.

2. BlendTec will invent a blender that can indeed blend Chuck Norris.

1. My number one prediction I have is that the ubiquitous Top Ten List will be replaced by the Top Eleven List. Why stop at ten when you can go one better? This is not a new idea, really I don't know why more people aren't doing it.

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