March 5th, 2008 | 3 MIN READ

Webinar Recap: What's Your Website Personality?

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

Brand Personality

We promised a celebrity-inspired session and our own Jason Billingsley and Carolyn Gardner of Sitebrand delivered with "Jon Stewart or Oprah: What's Your Website Personality."

Jason and Carolyn matched 4 well-known celebs to 4 consumer-mindsets that you should know.

4 Consumer Mindsets

Celebrity personalities

  • Competitive (Jon Stewart)
  • Spontaneous (Steve Colbert)
  • Methodical (Dr. Phil)
  • Humanistic (Oprah)

Some characteristics of each:


  • Likes to be the first to own a product - responds to new items, featured or best-sellers
  • Interested in facts and summaries - without clicking
  • Doesn't want to dig for information
  • More likely to use search box than browse
  • Interested in cross-sells and up-sells, but doesn't want to click through to learn more

Retailer Creativity

The fast and logical type will appreciate being able to see more information on individual items on category pages before the click. An example that I've seen (but wasn't in the webinar) is Rampage, who lets you see item details and an enlarged image when you roll over an image in the category page. You also have the option to turn this off if it annoys you.

Rampage Rollover

The webinar mentioned American Eagle, that also lets you preview the category items without leaving the product page with just a mouseover.

AE Category Mouseover

There's no reason you couldn't also apply mouse-overs to details on cross-sells and up-sells. Rampage does this from its product pages, complete with available sizes and price. This is especially good from the cart page (if you cross-sell from your "view cart" area), because you want to minimize clicks away from that page!


  • Responds to sales, discounts, limited stock and time-limited offers (like day-only sales)
  • Responds to free overnight shipping (I can have it tomorrow!)
  • Scans and clicks with less reflection than other types
  • Prefers to see product in action (what does this look like on a person?)
  • Interested in "how many" reviews there are
  • Interested in what other people bought, may respond more to this type of cross-sell

Retailer Creativity

Vitaman's valet appeals to the high emotion, while Eddie Bauer's stock availability feature creates urgency.

Eddie Bauer Stock


  • Likes product details, very thorough in researching a purchase
  • Likes side-by-side product comparison to make a rational decision
  • Trusts expert reviews - videos are especially helpful
  • May be skeptical of contests, free shipping and returns - what's the catch? Will read the fine print every time.

Retailer Creativity

Action Envelope incorporates FAQs for each product in a tab alongside product information and reviews. Brilliant.

Action Envelope FAQ


  • Cares what others have to say
  • Appreciates live chat support (or telephone service)
  • Will forward to friend, share product experience and experience on your website with friends
  • More likely to contribute customer review content
  • Looks for the perfect gift, use gift finders and wishlists

Retailer Creativity

Shoeline introduced the Return-O-Meter which helps customers understand why other people returned a product, to help make a better purchase decision.


Since this was a quickie-webinar of 29 minutes, it's quick and easy enough for you to watch the entire replay. The webinar discusses in more detail how to apply the above to your site's design and layout, messaging and incentives, and features and functionality.

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