Bloggers Digest - 1/18/08

Linda Bustos

January 18th, 2008

  • Holly Buchanan has an entertaining critique on a recent email from Apple Computer, from subject line to images and content. An apple with 8 cores, eh? Great reading.
  • Our second installment from the Grok Squad this week is from Daniel McGuigan. Daniel drills down into the new Old Navy site's usability improvements.
  • Achtung, affiliate managers! Darren Rowse asks "Do you tailor your affiliate program messages?" with an example of a dreadful email he received recently, and advice on what to do and what not to do when cold-emailing affiliate partner prospects.

  • RetailEmail spotted a trigger email from in the AM Inbox on Monday that requests customer reviews. It's a great idea, and Chad White offers some advice to the retailer to make it even better.
  • So you've got your RSS feed reader all kitted out and are receiving all your favorite content as it happens (and we hope Get Elastic is on the menu) - how about your Twitter feed? Marketing Pilgrim posted a big list of Internet marketers' Twitter links which is useful for networking with other marketing types or following them to receive their micro-blog content.Usually Internet marketers will "Tweet" their best posts with a TinyURL so it's another way of keeping up to date. I'm Roxyyo on this list, by the way. You can also add yourself to the comments of this post.
  • It's only fitting that Internet marketing have its own award. Matt McGee has made it so with the "SEMMY" Awards (SEM = Search Engine Marketing). Nominations fall under a number of categories including SEO, Rants, Viral Marketing and LOL Funny. Big name nominees and big name judges.
  • And finally, Wiep Knol (no relation to Google Knol as far as I know) explains what an "authority link" is and offers some suggestions on how to gain them (although this is often easier said than done). I especially love this post as it supports my un-prediction that 2008 will be the year of the top ELEVEN list.

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Linda Bustos

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