January 10th, 2008 | 3 MIN READ

Bloggers Digest - 1/11/08

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

Bloggers DigestWe've got some very juicy coverage this week on Dell vs. the Domainers. A couple months ago Dell filed a "cybersquatting" lawsuit against domain registrars who buy up domain names with the Dell name in them, park them with ads and siphon traffic that should be arriving at Dell and other websites. (Cleverly dubbed "domain tasting). It's turning out to be quite the case, and Sarah Bird from SEOmoz has written 2 excellent commentaries on the unfolding events:

And Bill Hartzer proves that this is going on. He searched for "www.billharzerisawesome.com" (and yes, he is) which was available for $6.99 on minute, and then...Bill's wife rings his mobile and by the end of the call, the domain was snatched up by Network Solutions, parked and is now available for $34.99!

Love GoDaddy or hate them, I did some domain brainstorming about a month ago on (in my opinion) some really killer domain names -- and they're still available, so at least they're not pulling any of these tricks. And I'll give GoDaddy a free link for that! Network Solutions however, will not get any link love from us.

  • Google's cooked up a new tool for ecommerce marketers - Google Checkout Trends. Type in keywords separated by commas and you'll get a nifty chart like this one based on anonymized data from Google Checkout merchants.

    Google Checkout Trends

  • Miranda over at Ecommerce Cache posted a phenomenal collection of checkout pages from top online retailers. Bookmark this.
  • What did I tell you last week? 11 is the new 10 - and Justin Palmer "knows what's up." Check out his 11 tips for optimizing internal site search.
  • For all of you web masters and web designers who've had your creations and ideas ripped off, you're not alone. Mashable brings us the 7 Twitters of the World - a look at some blatant Twitter clones that haven't even bothered to modify the original Twitter's design much. Shall we get SEOmoz' resident legal eagle Sarah Bird on the case?
  • Some called 2007 "The Year of the Gift Card," and one study predicts it will balloon to a $52 Billion market by 2012. (Currently its in the $26 Million neighborhood). Hey, gift cards are great - but will they really double in popularity? Come on, are we this lazy?
  • Storefront Backtalk discusses 2D barcode technology that may be used in the US as early as April:

    At its most basic, a 2-D barcode uses two elements of a typical smartphone—the digital camera and a Web browser—to create a rich 2-way data exchange. The consumer might see a poster for a particular product—or a model wearing interesting clothes—and want more information. That shopper would aim her smartphone at the 2-D barcode. A small applet on the phone would interpret the barcode, launch a browser and go to a very deep link within that site.

    More details here.

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