October 23rd, 2008 | 2 MIN READ

Bloggers Digest 10/24/08

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

If you’re new here, welcome! And thanks for subscribing to Get Elastic. Friday is Blogger Digest day where we highlight posts from other blogs that are of value and interest to online retailers and Internet marketers.

  • 2 of Elastic Path's founders Harry Chemko and Jason Billingsley have been recognized by the Business Development Bank of Canada this week, winning the Young Entrepreneur Award for the Province of British Columbia. This article from the Vancouver Sun shares a bit of our company's history and vision for the future.
  • Chad White writes for the Email Insider with 7 ideas for testing subject lines plus a bonus 4 ideas to get subject line inspiration.

  • Another entry from Chad White, from his blog's AM Inbox column explaining how Finger Hut uses post-header messaging effectively. I bet you've never heard of a post-header, so check it out.
  • With this troubled economy and hundreds of competing online stores a click away, every online retailer should have a clear message that defines why a customer should buy from you and not another e-store. Problem is hardly any marketers really know how to write one. Hunter Boyle has compiled a nice list of value proposition resources on the Marketing Experiments blog, including a link to their recent webinar on the topic.
  • Email Karma blogs about a Future Shop email campaign that creatively sends out a 10-day-deal-of-the-day email campaign -- using only one email. The email updates itself daily with the current feature. Check it out:

  • What can I say - it was a good week for email posts...DJ Waldow spotted a great re-engagement email from SideStep that is triggered when a subscriber goes without opening a SideStep message for a length of time. Even though technically image-off messages will count as "unopened" - DJ's still a fan of the tactic.
  • Kevin Hillstrom offers up 43 data mining attributes for lapsed buyers (customers who purchased from you a while ago, but nothing since). For example, Attribute #37 = Brands vs. Proprietary Product: When you sell branded merchandise and merchandise you sources yourself, you wind up with customers who have different interests. This can be a telling variable, all companies have different relationships. Lots of fodder to get you thinking about how you'll start segmenting with the new Google Analytics Segmentation Tool.

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