October 28th, 2008 | 2 MIN READ

Make This Thursday an Ecommerce Webinar Day

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

If you follow Get Elastic and the ecommerce marketing world, you won't want to miss 2 back-to-back webinars by our friends at Sitebrand, Future Now and Marketing Experiments:

Your Website and First Time Visitors...Friend or Foe?

Presented by Sitebrand and New York Times best-selling author, Bryan Eisenberg
Thursday, October 30 @ 2pm EST, 11am PST

First time represent on average 60 to 80 percent of all visitors, with a conversion rate significantly lower than site average. They’re also the most expensive visitor to your site. So making your site the first time visitor friend versus foe needs to be a top priority.

Learn key steps to converting first time visitors, including:

1. Using data to build first-time customer personas
2. Building messaging that engages first-time visitor segments / personas
3. Mapping site real estate around your messaging
4. Launching your cycle, watching results, and planning for re-optimization

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Ecommerce Holiday Playbook: 13 Ways to Maximize Revenue and Bbeat the Downturn

Presented by Marketing Experiments' Dr. Flint McLaughlin, Jimmy Ellis and Aaron Rosenthal
Thursday, October 30 @ 3pm EST, 12pm PST

This clinic will introduce the “Ecommerce Holiday Playbook” – a series of action steps to help you prepare for this crucial season. Learn how to apply these ideas with a rapid-fire live optimization session featuring participants’ ecommerce websites.

Throughout this special clinic, the Marketing Experiments team will be available online to answer your specific ecommerce optimization questions.

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Bryan Eisenberg and the Marketing Experiments team are always awesome. Please make the time to check these webinars out live or catch the replays.

You may also consider attending or sending someone on your team to Marketing Experiment's next month's Landing Page Optimization Workshop in Santa Monica, California. You can earn professional Landing Page Optimization certification, and have the experts look at your site's landing pages and give you top notch advice.

And don't forget our own Jason Billingsley will be heading up our next webinar on multi-store retail strategies on Wednesday, November 19. Even if you're not running multiple stores now, you should attend to learn:

• Why multi-store retailing is gaining momentum
• The types of stores you must consider launching
• When it makes sense to launch additional stores
• How to avoid common yet critical mistakes

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