Author: Laura Myers

E-commerce Privacy Policy & CCPA: What You Need to Know

The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) is a new e-commerce privacy policy that went into effect January 1, 2020.  If your business collects, purchases, or uses the personal data of California residents in any way, the CCPA may impact your business. Online sellers that serve California residents should especially take note: companies don’t have to be based…

Secrets of the Sci-Fi Shopper

As 2020 approaches, digital and physical shopping is becoming more and more of a sci-fi experience. The rise of voice-enabled transactions, augmented and virtual reality, robots in retail and disruptive fulfillment is forever changing the way we buy — and sell. Our latest infographic illustrates the…

The Carnival Experience: Self-Checkout at Sea

Carnival Corporation has taken the notion of frictionless commerce and given it a whole new identity. When John Padgett, Chief Experience Innovation Officer at Carnival Corporation decided to create the ultimate vacation experience, he knew he needed to bring the physical and digital worlds together….