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Nov 26, 2021 | 3 minute read

Inside Elastic Path with Esme Flynn

written by Michaela Sell

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Our Inside Elastic Path series features Esme Flynn, Customer Success Manager, who’s been with Elastic Path for five months. Esme enjoys working with long term clients, and welcoming in new customers, by making them feel comfortable, and introducing them to different team members. Learn more about Esme’s role and why she loves working here!

Q: Can you describe a usual workday as a Customer Success Manager?

Q: In your current role is there something you are most proud of?

Esme: In our team, we care about our customers shared success and helping to achieve to their goals. I’m proud that we have been able to start our year out strongly by helping our customers adopt more of our features, grow their business, and be an extension of their team.

Q: Thinking back from when you first joined Elastic Path, what led you to join the company?

Esme: I have been here for around five months and it feels like 10 years, in a good way, due to all the information I have learned from when I first joined Elastic Path. This was my first time working for a tech-based company, and tech was very intimidating going in. However, with coaching and the great support, I am able to learn new information as I grow. I can easily hop on a call with our engineers which is a very easy and comfortable conversation. I can easily ask a silly question I am stuck on and get the answer right away, which makes my job easier.

Q: How would you describe the culture here at Elastic Path?

Esme: The culture is very casual, and everyone is warm and welcoming. I have been able to meet people face-to-face in our Boston WeWork office, or I have been able to meet people outside work if we live close by. Every team member in the company, no matter their title, are open to meeting everyone, whether it is through an internal or external call, and it is something I enjoy about the culture.

Q: Since shifting to remote work, have you felt supported?

Esme: I have definitely felt supported since shifting to remote work. It is flexible, easy, and people make you feel supported every day. Everyone misses the face-to-face interaction, so everyone wants to stay later or hop on early morning calls because they miss the company. This in return, makes you want to reciprocate the same way. It is also very flexible to have the option to go into the WeWork office if you want to be face-to-face with other employees, or if you need to be home, you can hop on zoom right in your own living room.

Q: If you had to say to someone that was considering on applying, what would you say?

Esme: If I had to say to someone that was considering on applying to go ahead and apply. I have many friends who ask me if they should apply, and I whole heartedly tell them to go for it. Working at Elastic Path, you are surrounded by a supportive team, and you get inspired every day when coming into work and learning new things.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

Esme: My favorite movie is Remember the Titans. I like watching a movie that I can watch over and over again and does not get old.