Our interview process per role and department varies. However, all of our recruitment processes begin with an initial phone screen, conducted by a People & Culture Advisor or Recruiter. We assess your knowledge, skills and abilities related to the position as well as appropriate cultural fit for our organization.

We are transparent, and we will describe what to expect in each recruitment process. This information will be different for each role. We will inform you of the number of interviews and interviewees as you move through process stages.
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Want To Impress Us?

Don't be nervous. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the phone screen & interview.
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Do your research
Make sure you know a little about Elastic Path, our product and our culture - "Why are you interested in working with us?"
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Review the job description
Know the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position, and be able to cater your responses to reflect them.
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Prepare answers
Be prepared to answer behavioral interview questions. Prepare 'real-life' examples to respond with. Explain each response by identifying the problem, the solution and the outcome.
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An exciting future
We encourage you to ask questions in the phone screen and the interview. Be sure to prepare meaningful, insightful questions that will help you determine if Elastic Path is right for you!
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