Cortex API Touch Point: Make purchases without leaving your content | Elastic Path Software
Videos  |  June 4, 2013
The Elastic Path Cortex Business API makes it possible for you to create compelling digital experiences across touchpoints. Cortex is specifically designed to mediate your backend systems, allowing you to expand to new horizons and adjust to new business models like in this example of a travel company offering dynamic travel packages within content such as here in this magazine app. While enjoying an interesting article in their favorite ski magazine, data about the reader’s location and local ski conditions is used to make an offer for a killer weekend ski package. With a couple of clicks the reader is able to adjust the offer to meet their needs, select a preconfigured method of payment based on their magazine subscription, and goes back to reading their article. With a few simple mouseclicks, the travel company was able to delight this customer by selling them a very desirable ski holiday without taking them outside their reading experience.
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