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July 3, 2014
Techvibes Elastic Path New Realities of Digital Marketing
News | July 3, 2014

E-mail, once a stalwart for lead generation programs, is slowing taking less of a prominent role in generating new business and driving traffic to websites. Today’s mobile-crazed consumer is more engaged with the overall digital experience of a brand, and digital channels are merging with physical ones. Where once an e-mail campaign could drive a surge of traffic to your online ecommerce store, now push notifications, mobile apps, content-focused ecommerce stores, and digital lookbooks are the new digital marketing heavyweights. In this new age of digital awaking, consumers expect their online shopping to be a full-on “experience,” an immersive, content-rich affair that happens as if by magic across touchpoints, whether it’s in-store, online through an iPhone, tablet, or at home on a regular desktop PC. - Contributed by Matt Dion, VP Marketing at Elastic Path

June 5, 2014
News | June 5, 2014

"I think it’s fair to say that if the (ex-Day) Adobe (AEM) team would go about building an E-Commerce platform, the result is very likely to be very similar to what Elastic Path is today." - Piotr Zabiello, NetCentric Senior PM

May 13, 2014
News | May 13, 2014

Posted 5/13/2014 by Amar Patel on the Cognifide blog: Commerce and monetization needs to just happen within the delivery of a customer experience, and it’s increasingly hard to justify why this shouldn’t happen, or why it needs to be managed in a siloed fashion. This is why Cognifide and Elastic Path, an enterprise commerce software company, recently teamed up on a strategic alliance. We feel that Elastic Path’s edition for Adobe Experience Manager and mature Cortex integration layer can enable our AEM customers just let commerce happen within their customer’s digital experiences.

May 12, 2014
News | May 12, 2014

Netcentric is proud to announce a new partnership with Elastic Path, the digital commerce company, to deliver experience-driven commerce solutions based on Adobe Marketing Cloud and Elastic Path’s flagship ecommerce platform.

April 14, 2014
News | April 14, 2014

The Elastic Path Edition For Adobe Experience Manager received much fan fare from partners and customers at Adobe Summit. Attendees were drawn to the integrated CMS with AEM, advanced product/service bundling, personalized merchandizing, dynamic pricing, order experience, and trade promotion management capabilities out of the box. The recent partnership with MRM/McCann adds credibility and momentum to Elastic Path’s vision and strategy.

April 7, 2014
Adobe Summit EMEA 2014
News | April 7, 2014

May 14-15, 2014 | ICC ExCeL, London - At Adobe Summit London 2014, you’ll learn from the marketing leaders who are driving innovation in experience-driven commerce, measuring across channels, creating and managing the consumer profile, and enabling consistent, highly personalised experiences that lead to conversion. Come to Summit EMEA and discover how to thrive as a marketer in a world where everything is digital.

April 7, 2014
cmswire ecommerce
News | April 7, 2014

By David Roe | Mar 11, 2014 - Adobe Marketing Cloud can make even the most sophisticated marketing campaigns easy to develop. Now it's enhancing its e-commerce options through a formal integration with Elastic Path.

April 2, 2014
News | April 2, 2014

By Scott Raynovich | Mar 25, 2014 Will Adobe become the go-to company for all digital marketing technology? Company executives, speaking at the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City today, certainly paint that picture. But a dynamic and expanding industry proves there is room for plenty of other players, as digital marketing complexity expands.

April 1, 2014
News | April 1, 2014

Mar 25, 2014 - "All retailers are scared because of Amazon and eBay," says Linda Bustos, the director of ecommerce research for Elastic Path Software, which makes ecommerce software. "They are covering the entire long tail and seem to have every niche covered." That leaves you with two ways to stand out: via the products you sell or the online retail experience you're able to offer customers....

February 25, 2014
Adobe Summit 2014