The Elastic Path digital commerce platform puts ecommerce where it's needed most — in every digital experience. Our e-commerce solutions are managed within content management platforms like Adobe® Experience Manager and OpenText® WEM, giving marketers the e-commerce solution tools they need to monetize in any customer experience, on any piece of glass, at the speed of digital.

Revolutionary flexibility

Elastic Path gives you advanced ecommerce — including merchandising, pricing, promotions, and customer care — delivered as high-performance APIs that are perfect for integration with web content management or digital experience platforms. Engineered from the ground up to add transactional capabilities to other applications, Elastic Path eliminates the challenges of pulling a standalone commerce suite into your software portfolio. Our platform provides a powerful solution ecommerce website managers have been waiting for.

Proven performance

Elastic Path generates over US$6.5 billion in revenue every year for the world's best media, technology, retail, and consumer brands — from specialty market leaders to Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer Top 500 companies. Every feature in our top ecommerce platform has been precision engineered to maximize the engagement, conversion, and customer lifetime value (CLV) you get from every digital experience. It's the digital commerce solution you've been looking for.

CMS Optimized™

Built to work with your marketing software.

Seamlessly combine content and commerce with EP ecommerce engine

It's a fact — the best enterprise ecommerce solutions in the world are created using marketing platforms like Adobe® Experience Manager and OpenText® CEM. The limited ‘CMS-lite' functionality often included with other enterprise ecommerce platforms doesn't even come close. That's why Elastic Path was designed and engineered to work in tandem with digital experience software. Using the patent-pending power of our Cortex API orchestration, content and context from all your marketing applications are seamlessly combined with our ecommerce solution in real time to create the ultimate customer experience.

Seamlessly combine content and commerce with EP ecommerce engine

Advanced bundling capabilities with EP ecommerce engine

Ecommerce Bundling

We handle the world's toughest bundles.

Advanced bundling capabilities with EP ecommerce engine

No one does bundling as well as telecom companies. Every day, these businesses turn incredibly complex permutations of goods and services into simple, elegant packages that boost customer satisfaction and increase average revenue per user. When you choose Elastic Path as your ecommerce software solution, the industry's most powerful bundling capabilities become available to your business. Use them to streamline individual offerings into simple, compelling consumer bundles — and watch your sales skyrocket. Elastic Path is among the best ecommerce solutions for creating advanced product bundles for any type of business.

Personalized Merchandising

Turn digital conversations into digital sales.

Understand your customers better with EP ecommerce engine

As an innovator, you know that personalization drives engagement, loyalty, and revenue. In fact, your business might already be using a software platform to personalize and monetize content for some of your digital communications. Elastic Path lets you extend the same conversations beyond content into the realm of product discovery, merchandising, and promotions — with a powerful rules-based engine that works with your content management or personalization software to serve up the right offer, to the right person, at the right time.

Understand your customers better with EP ecommerce engine

Personalize prices with EP ecommerce engine

Responsive Pricing

Personalize prices just like you personalize content.

Personalize prices with EP ecommerce engine

Only from Elastic Path, responsive pricing adjusts the prices offered to individual customer segments based on personalized merchandising rules — no matter where those rules are managed. Thanks to our exclusive CMS Optimized™ technology, dynamic pricing lists can easily be associated with segments from your content management or marketing platform, finally making it possible to create engaging, compelling campaigns that seamlessly unite commerce and content.

Omnichannel Commerce

Route every feature to every touchpoint.

Raise customer lifetime value with EP ecommerce engine

Because Elastic Path capabilities are supplied as flexible, high-performance APIs, they are ready to deliver consistent, real-time transactional data to every customer channel — from the largest digital billboards and kiosks to the tiniest wearables like smartwatches and Google® Glass. When products, pricing, and promotions are unleashed from the confines of an ecommerce suite and made securely available as a service to your entire enterprise, the possibilities are endless. No other ecommerce vendor has more experience with API-driven commerce delivery and omnichannel ecommerce than Elastic Path. When it comes to omnichannel enablement, Elastic Path's ecommerce solutions are a cut above other e-commerce platforms.

Raise customer lifetime value with EP ecommerce engine

Manage digital product information with EP ecommerce engine

Product Information Management

No matter what your products are.

Manage digital product information with Elastic Path ecommerce engine

Our e-commerce platform goes beyond retail and empowers you to manage attributes and data that are specific to your business. From shirts and software to travel reservations, our adaptable PIM module delivers the flexibility to handle any combination of physical or digital products, services, subscriptions, and hybrid bundles — without the high effort and risk inherit with some ecommerce platforms that force you to hack a conventional catalog designed solely for packaged goods. Other ecommerce software solutions are limited in their PIM capabilities due to their roots in physical goods and niche industries.

Enterprise Ecommerce Foundation Capabilities

Merchandising and Offer Management

Content Management
CMS Publishing
Dynamic Content

Digital Product Information Management
Master Catalogs
Virtual Catalogs
Digital Products
Physical Products
Flexible Product Hierarchies
Featured Products
Related Products
Fixed and Dynamic Bundles
Product to Category Mapping
Category to Category Mapping

Multichannel Management
Multiple Store Management
User Experience Themes

Personalization and Segmentation
Customer Behavior
Customer Profiles

Multiple Currencies
Tiered Pricing
Promotional Pricing
Differential Pricing

Product Promotions
Order Promotions
Public and Limited Use

Personalized Coupons
Coupon Rules Engine
Upsells and Cross-sells

Digital Relationship

Discovery Experience
Search Engine Optimization
Multiple Languages
Advanced Search
Search Results Sorting
Filtered Navigation
Site Map
Product Display
Product Availability
Product Preorders
Product Backorders
Top Sellers
Recently Viewed Products

Order Experience
Persistent Shopping Cart
Checkout Process
Delivery Options
Payment Options
Gift Certificates
Online Receipts

Ownership Experience
Customer Registration
Customer Authentication
Customer Profiles
Password Encryption
HTTPS/SSL Security
Order History
Order Details
Address Book

Platform Operations

Administrator Management
Role-based Security
Custom User Roles
Custom Permissions

Attribute Management
Catalog Attributes
Product Attributes
Customer Attributes
Attribute Types
Category Types
Configurable Product Types

Enterprise Integrations
Bulk Data Import-Export Utility
Staging Synchronization Utility

Web Services
Association Service
Catalog Service
Customer Service
Import Service
Inventory Service
Order Service
Shopping Cart Service

Order Management
Search Orders
View Order Details
Create Orders
Update Orders
Digital Goods Fulfillment
Inventory Management
Returns Management
Payment Gateways

Platform Management

Load Balancing
Settings Management
Linear Performance Scaling

Customer Registrations
Gift Certificates
Product Availability
Order Summary
Order Status
Order Promotions

Customer Management
Search Customers
View Customer Profiles
Manage Customer Profiles
View Order History

Tax Management
Tax Categories
Tax Jurisdictions
Sales Tax Codes
Granular Tax Value Control