Ecommerce Framework Optimized for Agile Commerce

Performance. Thousands. Millions. Billions.

Peak pagesviews per hourOver 2.8-million
Peak sessions per hourOver 530,000
Peak orders per hourOver 53,000
Peak active sessionsOver 23,000
Typical response timeAs low as 200ms
Proven in the field

Elastic Path has been battle-tested by the world’s most demanding customers — a mobile operator with 150 million subscribers, a publisher that adds over 20,000 titles every month, and an Internet Retailer® Top 50 digital seller. Every year, we generate billions in revenue for our clients.

Speed means Satisfaction

Individual installations of Elastic Path handle well over 20 million products and thousands of concurrent users. To maximize conversion and customer satisfaction, our customers enjoy response times that are up to 100% faster than their closest competitors, and up to 30% better than the industry average as calculated by Compuware® Gomez.

Extreme scalability

When implemented using the Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform, Elastic Path Core Commerce delivers up to 98% efficiency when clustering horizontally. The platform also supports search server clustering, and the assignment of dedicated index update servers. On the database side, Core Commerce works with Oracle® and Oracle® RAC for larger deployments, as well as Microsoft® SQL Server or MySQL® clustering.

Options for caching

For the fastest digital experiences, Elastic Path supports proxy cache servers that accelerate throughput by over 50%, as well as edge caching with CDNs such as Akamai® and Limelight®. In the persistence and application tiers, Elastic Path offers the flexibility of using OpenJPA and Ehcache out of the box, or connecting to enterprise frameworks including Oracle® Coherence and Terracotta™. Our performance lab can help you do even more — like server-side prepared statement caching, or additional object caching.


Deployment and upgrades. No pain necessary.

Been there, done that

Elastic Path works beautifully in a wide range of environments — from traditional on-premise or partner-hosted installations to virtualized or cloud deployments using VMWare®, Amazon® EC2, or Google® App Engine. The majority of businesses with existing Java™ applications in their ecosystem already have the infrastructure they need to run Elastic Path.

Customize without fear

Your mission is to provide commerce services that power unique, differentiated digital experiences. With conventional ecommerce frameworks, that’s a recipe for long nights and painful upgrades. Elastic Path makes your job easier by giving you the tools, methods, and features necessary to streamline customization and upgrades. We’re obsessed with this, because we’re developers too.

Binary-based development

End the cycle of detangling your code from the core platform. Elastic Path provides a robust implementation architecture that insulates Core Commerce Solutions from custom work to simplify deployment, support, and upgrades. Extensions and customizations are maintained in separate binaries that are automatically overlaid with Elastic Path to create the final services. No more maintenance, support, and upgrade headaches.

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Elastic Path's ecommerce platform is built on a foundation of the industry's most trusted open source projects.

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